Technical Session

Day 1 (16 July 2019), Session 3 (13.00-15.00), Room 1
No Time Title
1 13.00-13.20 Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Convolutional Neural Networks Zakhayu Rian (Universitas Tarumanagara (UNTAR), Indonesia)
2 13.20-13.40 Time-Frequency Image Resizing Using Interpolation for Acoustic Event Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks Roneel V Sharan (The University of Queensland, Australia); Tom J Moir (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)
3 13.40-14.00 Motor Imagery Classification of EEG for Elbow Movement Using SVM and PNN as Signal Classification Faizal Adila Ferdiansyah, Prawito Prajitno and Sastra Kusuma Wijaya (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)
4 14.00-14.20 The Study of Baby Crying Analysis Using MFCC and LFCC in Different Classification Methods Sita Purnama Dewi, Anggunmeka Luhur Prasasti and Budhi Irawan (Telkom University, Indonesia)
5 14.20-14.40 Adaptive Crosstalk-Resistant Noise-Cancellation Using H Infinity Filters Tom J Moir (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)
6 14.40-15.00 Comparison of Classical Interpolation Methods and Compressive Sensing for Missing Data Recontruction Koredianto Usman (Telkom University, Indonesia)
Day 1 (16 July 2019), Session 4 (15.20-17.20), Room 1
No Jam Title
1 15.20-15.40 Speech Enhancement Using Adaptive Mean Median Deviation and EMD Technique Shikha Dubey (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Ashish Kumar Singh (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Manoj Kumar Singh (Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India)
2 15.40-16.00 Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Speech Segment Using LSTM with Attention Mode Bagus Tris Atmaja (JAIST, Japan)
3 16.00-16.20 Object and Human Action Recognition from Video Using Deep Learning Models Padmeswari Nandiya Soentanto (Universitas Tarumanagara, Indonesia); Dyah Herwindiati (Tarumanagara University, Indonesia); Janson Hendryli (Universitas Tarumanagara, Indonesia)
4 16.20-16.40 Performance Analysis Image Watermarking Using Discrete Cosine Transforms Lita Lidyawati Lita (National Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia)
5 16.40-17.00 Accuracy Enhancement of Feature Extraction Scheme in Detection of Chainsaw Sound to Prevent Illegal Logging Bayu Ramadhan and Maman Abdurohman (Telkom University, Indonesia); Sidik Prabowo (Telkom University & Telkom University, Indonesia)
6 17.00-17.20 Sparse and Low Rank Matrices Based Algorithm for Anomaly Detection and Classification in Network Traffic Monitoring Pravita Dwi Nugraheni, Ida Wahidah and Fiky Suratman (Telkom University, Indonesia)
Day 2 (17 July 2019), Session 1 (08.00-09.40), Room 1
No Jam Title
1 08.00-08.20 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Non Local Means for Denoising ECG Signal Indra Hermawan and Grafika Jati (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia); Wisnu Jatmiko (University of Indonesia, Indonesia)
2 08.20-08.40 Noise Removal in Mild Cognitive Impairment EEG Recording Using Empirical Mode Decomposition Inung Wijayanto (Telkom University & Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia); Sugondo Hadiyoso (Telkom University & Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia)
3 08.40-09.00 Measurement of Cholesterol Conditions of Eye Image Using Fuzzy Local Binary Pattern (FLBP) and Linear Regression Ledya Novamizanti, Shafira Andana and I Nyoman Apraz Ramatryana (Telkom University, Indonesia)
4 09.00-09.20 Feature Enhancement of Medical Ultrasound Scans Using Multifractal Measures Prerna Singh and Ramakrishnan Mukundan (University of Canterbury, New Zealand); Rex De Ryke (Canterbury District Health Board, New Zealand)
5 09.20-09.40 Classification of EEG Signals from Motor Imagery of Hand Grasp Movement Based on Neural Network Approach Muhammad Mahdi Ramadhan, Sastra Kusuma Wijaya and Prawito Prajitno (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)
Day 2 (17 July 2019), Session 2 (10.00-12.00), Room 1
No Jam Title
1 10.00-10.20 Maintaining Trajectory of CoM for Stable Locomotion of Humanoid Robot Using Kalman Filter and Fuzzy Logic Controller Aripin Aripin and Riyanto Riyanto (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia); Martin Martin (Bandung State Polytechnic, Indonesia); Dewi Indriati Hadi Putri (Indonesia University of Education, Indonesia); Carmadi Machbub (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia)
2 10.20-10.40 Design Autonomous Drone Control for Monitoring Tea Plantation Using Dynamic Programming and Kruskal Algorithm Andri Agustav Wirabudi, Rendy Munadi and Angga Rusdinar (Telkom University, Indonesia); Dong Lee (Electrical Engineering, Korea)
3 10.40-11.00 Humanoid Robot Path Planning and Rerouting Using A-Star Search Algorithm Mario Kusuma, Riyanto Riyanto and Carmadi Machbub (Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia)
4 11.00-11.20 Recommendations for Car Selection System Using Item-Based Collaborative Filtering(CF) Gusti Prabowo, Muhammad Nasrun and Ratna Astuti Nugrahaeni (Telkom University, Indonesia)
5 11.20-11.40 Development of the Electronic Power Subsystem Design for Tel-USat Shinji Aulia Kimura, Heroe Wijanto, Edwar Edwar, Haris Prananditya and Abdul Azis Ichwan (Telkom University, Indonesia); Fasny Fauzan Rafsanzani (BRI Satellite & Telecommunication Network Division & PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Indonesia)
6 11.40-12.00 Design of Lightning Detector System with Multi Station Method Sulkhi Sulkhi (University of Indonesian & BMKG, Indonesia)
Day 2 (17 July 2019), Session 3 (13.00-15.00), Room 1
No Jam Title
1 13.00-13.20 Performance Evaluation of Improved Energy Detection Under Signal and Noise Uncertainties in Cognitive Radio Networks Bansi Gajera (School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University, India); Dhaval Karshanbhai Patel (School of Engineering and Applied Science-Ahmedabad University, India); Brijesh Soni (School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University, India); Miguel López-Benítez (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom (Great Britain))
2 13.20-13.40 Indoor Visible Light Communication System with Diversity Combining and Repetition Code Gogi Gautama Al Hadiid, Rina Astuti, Bambang Hidayat and Denny Darlis (Telkom University, Indonesia)
3 13.40-14.00 Frequency Domain-Extended Coded Random Access Scheme for Spectrum Sharing Between 5G and Fixed Satellite Services Tita Haryanti and Khoirul Anwar (Telkom University, Indonesia)
4 14.00-14.20 Simple Rateless Codes Based on 5G New Radio QC-LDPC Codes for Dynamic Networks Arini Fitri, Khoirul Anwar and Desti Madya Saputri (Telkom University, Indonesia)
5 14.20-14.40 Implementation of Vocabulary Based Summarization of Graph (VoG) on the Web Graph Siti Sa’adah (Telkom University d/h Telkom Institute of Technology, Indonesia); Kemas Wiharja (Telkom University, Indonesia)
6 14.40-15.00 Environmental Monitoring System Based on LoRa Technology in Island Nur Aziemah Azmi Ali and Nurul Adilah Abdul Latiff (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia)
Day 2 (17 July 2019), Session 4 (15.20-17.00), Room 1
No Jam Title
1 15.20-15.40 VLC System Performance Evaluation with Addition of Optical Concentrator on Photodetector Nabila Aulia Yatari Putri and Brian Pamukti Sunardi (Telkom University, Indonesia)
2 15.40-16.00 Performance of OOK-RZ and NRZ Modulation Techniques in Various Receiver Positions for Li-Fi Pradipta Kurniawan (University of Telkom, Indonesia); Brian Pamukti Sunardi (Telkom University, Indonesia)
3 16.00-16.20 Study of Impedance Matching for Optimum Power Transfer in Terahertz Bow-tie Antenna-coupled Microbolometer Arie Pangesti Aji, Catur Apriono and Eko Tjipto Rahardjo (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)
4 16.20-16.40 Radiation Performance Enhancement of THz Double Crossed Bow-tie on a Lens Antenna by Adding Optimum Matching Layer Farida Ulfah and Catur Apriono (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)
5 16.40-17.00 Dual C-X-Band E-Shaped Microstrip Antenna Array 1X8 for Synthetic Aperture Radar on UAV Alfian Maulana Yusuf, Heroe Wijanto and Edwar Edwar (Telkom University, Indonesia)